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Organic Farmers Connect Application for Managing Paddy Stubble Paddy Straw

India generates a lot of agricultural waste, including crop residues. As the incineration of organic waste is considered to be the main cause of air pollution, the Indian government is providing incentives to alleviate the pollution problem and convert rice straw into biogas. At the same time, biomass such as straw, which is widely used in India, is a promising renewable energy source. Specifically including northern India, paddy straw is becoming an important raw material for biogas production.

To manage the paddy stubble, Amritsar Group of Colleges made an application namely ‘ORGANIC FARMERS CONNECT’ for farmers, where they can register themselves and they can connect with AGC through this application. Pollution is the most concerned issue in the region today. Our goal is to reduce worrying pollution while creating additional income opportunities for farmers.

Farmers can register and send message through this application. And then AGC will collect the paddy straw from the farmers and transfer it to the nearby Biogas plant. AGC will collect all the paddy straw at AGC Organic Agro Farm.

Biogas has become a promising alternative to fossil fuel energy. Lignocellulose is a cheap and renewable raw material that can be used as a raw material for biogas production. Straw is a kind of rich lignocellulose, rich in organic matter such as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Incineration is generally used, causing environmental pollution, but it can be used to make biofuels. Rice straw has high lignin and silica content and poor digestibility.

India’s first plant to convert rice straw into biogas will be built in Punjab. The biogas can be used as compressed natural gas for cars. The authorities will redouble their efforts to prevent the burning of residual crops, which is believed to be the main cause of pollution in the area. Capital region. India’s largest CNG distributor broke ground for a plant that converts rice straw into compressed biogas (CBG).

The plant will use special machines to chop up the straw, bundle it up, and then transport it to the warehouse. Our shop is used to produce CBG all year round.

The machine converts a large amount of nearly 20,000 acres of paddy straw into gas. And this gas will then use in city gas distribution network (CGD). The plant can produce up to 10,000 kg of CBG per day. The main reason is that rice straw consumes about 40,000 tons of rice straw.

In addition to reducing the harmful effects of straw burning on the environment, the project has also contributed to increasing the income of farmers in the region.

Organic Farmers Connect is led by Raghav Vashisht.

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Contact us for picking your stubble from your farms. We will deliver your stubble to the biogas plants ourselves.